Fall Festival

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The St. Augustine Fall Festival is Sunday, September 11th. Please sign up now for the job of your choice. Every parishioner, over 12 years of age, is expected to help at our parish fund raiser. If you do not sign up, you will be assigned a job. Sign-up sheets will remain on the tables in the church entrance through July 24th.

Meat or Pie Donation

Each envelope holder is asked to donate either 3 homemade pies or $21 toward the cost of meat.

50/50 Raffle

Each family will be asked to buy/sell 25 tickets.

Arts and Crafts

Show off your talents in the crafts you make. We will also take gently used items or collectibles.

Bake Sale and Cookie/Cake Walk

Why not make some of those great breads, bars, cakes, pies, cookies, desserts and homemade candies that everyone raves about… those calorie-laden, delicious goodies you reserve for company? Donate them to the bake sale for those who do not have time to bake.

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  1. Deb Headley

    Hello my name is Deb Headley and I would like to help out in any way. My husband is a over the road truck driver and I never know when he is going to be in town. I know that if he is home he would also like to help out. Please let me know. Thanks you

  2. MaryAnne Bennett

    I am the new chairperson for the Fall Festival and would like to give a BIG thank you to all that made Saturday the 13th a success. I know there are still things to get done, but many things still were done. Please be patient with me a I learn the ropes and lets hope for a great turn out for the fall festival.

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