Cleanup Day

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We are in need of volunteers next Saturday, Aug. 13th 9am till noon to clean the pavilion, church and grounds
prior to our Fall Festival. (Trim shrubs & trees, dig around window-wells, check downspouts, change ac filters, kitchen cleanup, etc.)

Please volunteer to help!


Fall Festival

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The St. Augustine Fall Festival is Sunday, September 11th. Please sign up now for the job of your choice. Every parishioner, over 12 years of age, is expected to help at our parish fund raiser. If you do not sign up, you will be assigned a job. Sign-up sheets will remain on the tables in the church entrance through July 24th.

Meat or Pie Donation

Each envelope holder is asked to donate either 3 homemade pies or $21 toward the cost of meat.

50/50 Raffle

Each family will be asked to buy/sell 25 tickets.

Arts and Crafts

Show off your talents in the crafts you make. We will also take gently used items or collectibles.

Bake Sale and Cookie/Cake Walk

Why not make some of those great breads, bars, cakes, pies, cookies, desserts and homemade candies that everyone raves about… those calorie-laden, delicious goodies you reserve for company? Donate them to the bake sale for those who do not have time to bake.

The difficulty of keeping a parish website up to date

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Ordinarily it shouldn’t be that hard, but I don’t like simply reposting items from the bulletin which you can easily find on (with the advertisements that pay for the bulletin).  So it would be nice if we could use this website for events that require more two-way organization.

I’ve got an events calendar widget installed on the website that will allow for signups and RSVP’s for events. If anyone needs to schedule an event.  Please let me me ( or one of the Church ladies know and we’ll get it on here, as well as a link you can email out or put in the bulletin.


Questions about the Jesus or the Church?

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I’ve been a professional programmer pretty much since I moved to Footville and for almost all my programming questions, I go to  There’s tons of experts from all over the world who are more than happy to freely answer any question you have about compilers, algorithms and any esoteric thing you can think of in the world of programming.

A few years after making that site, the guys who started it let other people come up with ideas for sites based on their own interests, if they could get enough people together to support it and maintain it.  So now they’ve got a network of Cooking and Outdoorsy and Gardening sites and over 150 others.  But the one I participate the most on is the Christianity site (I tried unsuccessfully a few times to muster together enough support to start a Catholicism site, but oh well).

I’ve been asking and answering questions there since the site went live and have learned a ton through the process.  Even today, I got called out as a heretic.

If you want to look for questions about the Church, put [Catholicism] in the search bar.  Other good things to search for are [Jesus], [Virgin-Mary] and [Swedenborg]… On second thought, forget that last one.

I should point out though, if you’re going to ask questions on the site, it can be a little tricky. Try and search for a similar question first, some times you’ll find it by trying to ask the question you want and then someone else will come by and tell you that it’s already been asked, they’ll probably close your question, but that’s OK.  If you think it’s substantially different, just edit your own question to explain why.

A fresh new site!

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Hello, fellow parishoners and everyone else.  After a very long lent (a year and a half) I decided that my plan to create a robot to update this website was never going to come to fruition in the hour and a half between putting the kids to bed and now.  So I bit the bullet and and installed a stock wordpress site which is actually pretty nice.  (but not a testament to my skill as a web developer, I’m pretty much just picking out the curtains at this point)

But, I plan on updating the website more frequently and not just re-posting what is in the bulletin.

By the way, if you want to get the bulletin sent to your email weekly, go to parishesonline and search for St. Paul, Evansville WI. You’ll find out what’s going on before you get to Mass!